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Harry Potter 3 and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Rowling January 1, Paperback Fourth. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. Hollow, Jordon P. Hollow, Steven M. Java for Beginners with Hands-on Project. Just Kidding About Sports! Book 1 by Gregg McGoofersen. Knock Knock! Joke Books. Make: Volume Boards Guide by Unknown.

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Make: Volume 60 by Unknown. Once Upon a Time Practically Speaking by J. Dan Rothwell. How do you make a joke funny? Every week Mark Simmons and a guest share jokes they've written that just haven't worked - because they're too long, too stupid, too clever, too groanworthy or just too rubbish. Follow Mark on Twitter Subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode.

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A competitive comedy podcast where we read 3 stories from the news, tell 3 jokes about each story, and decide who has written the funniest joke. Stand up comedian, Jessimae Peluso, holds nothing back in this hilariously fun and sometimes heartbreakingly candid podcast about comedy, sex, loss, and an eternal pursuit for the funny. It will feel like a conversation with that friend who always keeps it real.

Science and comedy collide as physicist Dr.

Kevin Peter Hickerson is joined by comedians Jimmy O Yang, Mitch Burrow, Owen Benjamin, Griff Pippin and Matthew Broussard, discuss the absurdities of the universe with intriguing and inspiring guests from the best of the academic and entertainment world. Inside Jokes provides an exclusive view in to the comedy world as never heard before on terrestrial radio. Host Dean Young delivers an inside look at the life of the comedy world. A podcast from stand up comedian and producer Thom Tran about all the stuff he loves, and all the stuff that his guests love. Which just happens to include sex, jokes, music, comic books, sports, food, and so on and so on!

Comedy podcasts are the best, but it's not easy to find clean comedy podcasts that are actually FUNNY! These three dads will make you laugh as they discuss ridiculous topics, answer life's most difficult questions, and dish out life advice that you should never, ever take. We all need a little nonsense in our everyday lives. Be a part of one of the best audiences around and enjoy a comedy podcast for the Tune in every Sunday from PM!

Jokes for Kids: 299 Funny and Hilarious Clean Jokes for Kids

In Joke - where humour has it. A priest from Canada and a priest from the states walk into a bar Annnnd I can't think of a joke. Dads tell bad jokes. I tell a new one every day. If you have one you'd like me to share go to my blog for links to me on social media.

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Pick your favorite platform and send me your joke. You just might hear it on this podcast sometime. If it bounces, rolls or scores in Melbourne, then these two characters will have it covered in ways only they can. Listen weekdays on The God Show is an opportunity for God and Jesus to hang out together and talk to humans and lesser deities from across the multiverse. Interviews with the cast, guests, creators, and writers.

Glimpse into the lives of comedians, improvisers, comedy writers, and other funny people from business, science, and the arts. Host Dr, Peter McGraw—a behavioral scientist, business school professor, and Director of the Humor Research Lab aka HuRL —sits down with funny people for a wide-ranging discussion of their habits, motivations, and secrets to success.

Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole. It's a little bit equal parts debate team, history lesson, sibling rivalry, sexy gossip, and joke time humor-fun, with new episodes every Wednesday! Welcome to Varta Lab, a delightful concoction of stories featuring Aakash Mehta, one of India's most obsessive storytellers on and off stage, and Navin Noronha, who is an okay person.

Together they tell stories to each other from their life and welcome others to do the same. Fun times. December 31, The world braced for disaster as midnight approached. Then, nothing happened.

Compilation of Michael's Best Jokes About Sports - Michael McIntyre

The hysteria over the Y2K computer bug quickly became an afterthought; a punch-line. In Surviving Y2K, Dan Taberski takes you back to the turn of the millennium to meet the people for whom it was anything but a joke — computer coders, conspiracy theorists, survivalists, and true believers — as they each face their own version of the apocalypse. And Dan tells a new millennium story of his own, abo Every week Denver comics Jeremy Pysher and Andres Becerril sit down with other comics, artists, musicians, rodents, dirtbags, what have you, with the goal of having fun and talking some trash.

We are the 2 nerds who look at the wonderful worlds of movies, tv and all the fandoms with a positive and funny look at what is going on in the past present and future of nerd entertainment. We talk about everything from classic movies, tv and toys to an occasional watching of a show where we make commentary.

We also have a YouTube channel that you can follow for more fun! We are now on podcoin as well! Contact us2nerdsajoke gmail. The topics can be nearly anything. Guests, if they exist, are imaginary. Feedback is encouraged at heydickface mail.

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Hate mail is welcome and even thoroughly enjoyed. Appropriately Inappropriate. We aim to keep you laughing out loud during your commute. Weekly episodes released every Friday morning. Hilarious comedians make each other laugh with jokes that offend stupid people. Come join the fun! I make mixes and shitThere are also some of my podcasts on here. We're the fastest growing, most informative, and by far the funniest podcast in Portland. Each week, Dan Kapr danhasjokes sits down with a different comedian to talk about the science of joke writing and share stories of onstage success and failure.

They discuss new joke ideas and attempt to help each other fine-tune their material, giving you a small glimpse into the process of creating stand-up comedy. It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm. Each episode, comedians Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick explore a single topic and discuss their past, current and future relationships with it.

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Who's Your God? Comedian and host Amy Miller is joined every week by her co-host John Michael Bond and producer Steve Hernandez to chat with a guest about religion, beliefs, god, and whatever gets them through the day. We are three comedians who grew up in the church and we're open to whatever you believe. We are also funny and One person brings a topic to the group.

They know exactly what they want from it. The group prods, pokes, ribs, and riffs as they get deeper into the topic. The CryptoBasic Podcast is an educational, honest, and entertaining exploration of the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. How does Bitcoin actually work? Should I use Coinbase or Bittrex?